Sauna Barrel 480cm

Eurodita Sauna Barrel Size: for 6-8 people
The diameter of the sauna barrel is 1.97m or 2.20 m
Eurodita Sauna Barrel length 4.8m
Timber Options: Pinewood or Thermo-wood
Changing room size: 1500mm
Sauna room size: 2462mm
Sauna room: 9.19 m3
Barrel height: 2.08 m for 1.97m diameter barrel
Barrel height: 2.38 m for 2.20m diameter barrel
Wall thickness: 46 mm
Floor thickness: 18 mm
Heater: Electric or wood-burning
Terrace: 60cm
Roof finishing: Finnish bitumen shingles(black, red or green).
Door size: 700 x 1600 mm for 1.97m diameter barrel
Door size: 700 x 1800 mm for 2.20m diameter barrel
Windows; 2 units Tempered double glazed, 295x580mm
Toned Tempered panoramic window available: Half back or entire back of the barrel


Standard Barrel Set includes:
Wooden barrel
2 benches made from Aspen or Black Alder
Heat-resistant plates for the heater
Stainless steel tightening bands
Wooden front door with tempered double glazed window, wooden handle and the lock
Roof covered with shingles in a colour of your choice – Black, Red, Green or Grey

Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee