What are Camping Pods?
Camping or “Glamping” Pods offer upscale accommodation in a garden, a campsite or a remote spot that brings all the charm of the Countryside but with a much higher degree of comfort and security than being under canvas.
Everyone loves the idea of being close to nature, but not everyone wishes to go back to waking up with damp clammy sheets in the middle of the night.
Having the good feeling of being able to lock your door with valuables inside a secure building gives you peace of mind and a more relaxing time when going out exploring.

Camping Pods give you a new freedom – to buy or borrow a piece of land anywhere in the UK – and locate a Camping Pod on it! (eg There are lots of low cost Woodland areas available with camping opportunities on the Internet.) Alternatively you may just want to have some accommodation for fiends and family in your garden? – or even give you some additional income with a funky offering via AirBnB.?
The biggest beauty of all is that because the Pods are transportable, you can relocate them wherever you like (we have a special vehicle for doing this for you if you wish)

  • Camping Pod 240x300cm

  • Camping Pod 240x550cm

  • INSULATED Camping Pod 240x480cm

  • Camping Pod 240x350cm

  • INSULATED Camping Pod 240x300cm

  • INSULATED Camping Pod 240x530cm

  • Camping Pod 240x400cm

  • INSULATED Camping Pod 240x350cm

  • INSULATED Camping Pod 240x550cm

  • Camping Pod 240x480cm

  • INSULATED Camping Pod 240x400cm

  • INSULATED Camping Pod 240x660cm