To compliment the range of Camping Pods, we can equip the pods with a sauna heater and add a changing room and shower if desired.
The way the pods are constructed lend themselves perfectly to be used a sauna.
The attractive curved body shape provides a reduced volume of space to be heated making them very efficient.
Available with either an electric heater or wood-fired burner, and in different lengths from 3.5 to 6m.
Sauna Pods offer an exciting addition or facility to your house or garden, or the larger Sauna Pods are ideal for providing an additional attraction in a “Pod Village”

  • Sauna Pod 240x300cm

  • Sauna Pod 240x550cm

  • Sauna Pod 240x350cm

  • Sauna Pod 240x400cm

  • Sauna Pod 240x480cm